When planning foreign trade relations, it is necessary not only optimise the cost and methods of transporting goods, but also focus in detail on the terms of supply along with the tax and customs laws of the Customs Union countries. Duly prepared international contracts as well as properly completed shipping documents is a prerequisite and a guarantee for delivery cost savings and seamless customs clearance. We select the most efficient scheme for carrying out a foreign economic operation.


Optimisation is the obligatory procedure while working out the foreign economic operation. Not only delivery costs, but also time and potential risks depend on the quality of work spent on logistics schemes and documentation preparation. Taking in account the local specifics for completing documents and carrying out procedures in the countries of export, import and transit, as well as peculiarities of work with the customs authorities during customs clearance, our staff takes care of every detail of the delivery scheme to avoid unnecessary waste of money and misunderstandings.

Consultations on optimising foreign economic activity, given the specifics of the customer’s business, include the following steps:

  • Analysis of the expected foreign economic operation to assess economic efficiency of individual schemes when taken together: customs clearance, forwarding, logistics;
  • Consultations on the procedure of    customs clearance;
  • Optimization of contractual support of the foreign economic activity, including provision of the contract holders – European companies – VAT payers services to minimise European VAT during the international trade that takes place in the European Union, with completion of European export declarations;
  • Consultations on customs clearance, use of non-tariff regulation measures, customs control operations, as well as consultations on currency control issues and payments under international contracts;
  • Determination of the commodity code;
  • Preliminary calculation of the customs clearance (customs duties, VAT);
  • Development of the Door-to-Door logistics scheme;
  • Consultations and intermediary services on obtaining certificates, state registration certificates, declarations of conformity, hygiene certificates and other approval documents related to customs clearance;