Many sellers want to sell their goods abroad as part of business development but have neither skills nor experience in the field of cargo transportationcustoms clearance and other related services. This is not a problem for us: we offer the contract holder services, i.e. the export of goods to our contract.

The detailed process is organized in the following way:

  1. You negotiate with your foreign customers and agree on the terms and conditions of cooperation.
  2. Our company concludes an international contract with your planned partner.
  3. We execute a complete set of shipping and financial documents, including invoices, passports, certificates, declarations, etc.
  4. Our company offers you to conclude a regular sales contract, and we buy goods from you. From this time forward, any export activities are on us.
  5. We draw up customs declaration and pay the export fee.
  6. The final and most important stage: we organize the transportation of goods from the EU to the specified place.

The established process and experienced employees let us make such deals quite often and help businesses develop abroad. What are the main advantages of such a scheme?

  • You do not participate in a foreign trade transaction;
  • You are not involved in the preparation and execution of customs documents, as well as any other necessary documents;
  • You do not interact with various authorities during the transportation process;
  • And most importantly, you bear absolutely no risks associated with the export of your goods.

That is why you can be calm and confident about the transportation of your goods to your partners all over world. We take care of all the problems and troubles associated with a foreign trade transaction!