Customs clearance is an integral part of shipping export and import goods across the border. If you often deal with international delivery of goods, you realise how important proper and timely preparation of documents (declarations) for goods is.

Customs clearance is a complex procedure of placing goods and transport means within the relevant customs regime in accordance with the requirements and provisions of the tax legislation of the Customs Union.

Tamozhgroup Group of Companies has a long cooperation with leading customs brokers of the Customs Union countries who are ready to provide a full range of services related to export and import customs clearance.

Saving our customers’ time, when working on a foreign economic operation we contact specialists of companies providing customs brokerage services in order to provide all services of customs brokers related to the full cycle of customs clearance of goods as a whole complex of our services, including:

  • Preparation and approval of the documentation package for customs clearance
  • Classification of goods as per Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity;
  • Representation of interests of our customers before customs authorities;
  • Calculation of obligatory customs duties, taxes and other fees;
  • Obtaining certificates, state registration certificates, declarations of conformity, hygiene certificates and other approval documents related to customs clearance;
  • Customs clearance procedures (control);
  • Drafting of international contracts, provision of contract holder services;
  • Consultations on customs clearance;
  • Managing import and export operations (import customs clearance, export customs clearance);
  • Placing goods in customs warehouses and temporary storage warehouses;
  • Completion of all kinds of shipping documents.